Audio Rooms and other tools have been in development since March last year for LinkedIn. While it has taken some time for the platform to develop its own option, it could still serve a valuable purpose within the LinkedIn environment, providing more capacity for professional connection within industry-aligned meetings and discussions.

LinkedIn also notes that it has solid capacity to highlight the most relevant audio sessions to each member:

“We have the professional context to recommend the most relevant events that can help you learn, network and be successful, and we’re investing more in surfacing these events to you. Whether an event by a creator or page you follow, or a topic you’re passionate about, we will surface the events that will help you reach your career goals.”

Discovery remains the key challenge for social audio tools, and given the professional focus of LinkedIn, which helps to ensure that spam and off-topic discussions are somewhat limited, although this has not been eradicated entirely, it could be well-positioned to highlight more relevant sessions to each user.

LinkedIn’s also using the format of its audio rooms as a template of sorts for its other live meeting features, including video events. These audio rooms will expand the platform’s capacity to host virtual discussions and bring industry leaders together in new formats, which could in theory be hugely valuable within a LinkedIn context, by helping to expand the usage of the platform for live events.

The developments could serve a valuable purpose – LinkedIn says that its new events options will be tested by “a few thousand creators who will host events across different topics and themes”

“We’ll expand the ability to host Audio Events to more creators in the coming months, and we’ll start rolling out our Video Events format later this spring.”

This is definitely an update to keep an eye on as more is to be revealed over the coming months.