We have not spoken a huge amount about Snapchat in recent blog posts but the news this week is that Snapchat’s looking to expand the utility of its Snap Map feature, adding a new ‘Layers’ toggle that’ll enable users to change the focus of the map display.

The first option aptly called,‘Memories’, will highlight some of your top Snap moments from the last 12 months, pegged to the places where they happened. The second feature named ‘Explore’, will showcase public Snaps from various places, giving you more insight into what’s happening around the world.

The different options provide more capacity to use the Snap Map for alternative purposes, which intern could get more users engaging with the display to both re-live past experiences and learn more about their surroundings, in addition to connecting with friends and discovering local businesses.

Snap’s not stopping there, it is also working on more layers to add in including ‘Partnered Layers’, which will enable brands to sponsor certain map listings to help promote their business.

Snap first revealed Layers at its partner summit back in May, where it explained that companies will eventually be able to add data directly to their own map. It’s now moving to the next stage, and with over 250 million Snapchatters regularly engaging with the Snap Map, making it one of it’s most popular features, it could be a good option for promoting your business, and connecting via a more dedicated, less cluttered overlay on the screen.

It’ll be interesting to see whether that changes user engagement with the Map, and what other options Snap could look to add in to boost interaction. With TikTok dominating the market at this current time, with the ever popular app about to hit 1.5 billion users, one would expect us to hear more regularly from Snapchat with regards to updates to stay competitive.