You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, at least this is the case for Twitter at the moment. Twitter’s latest efforts to increase monetisation and ramp up its development of new features and tools to incentivise popular users as not gone down as well as planned to say the least.

Over the past few months, Twitter has significantly accelerated its development velocity, with new features like Fleets, Twitter Blue, Super Follows, Spaces, Communities and more all coming in quick succession. Twitter’s trying a lot of things and it needs to in order to maximise its potential and whilst there is there’s no denying that Twitter has dragged its feet on this front for too long the experiments have not exactly paid off.

Public enemy number one is is Fleets this is Twitter’s own take on the social Stories format which was essentially a poorly constructed version of Instagram or Snapchat Stories within the Twitter system. Twitter launched Fleets for all users in November 2020 and then pulled the plug on it last month, giving it less than a year of operation. Whilst Fleets was not exactly a red hot commodity Twitter received some praise for having the courage to test something new, then admitting when it had failed.

In the same vein, Twitter’s other experiments don’t really seem to setting the world on fire either. If Twitter’s going to stick with its approach by launching a new update and shut them down too when they don’t reap the rewards they thought, that could eventually paint a poor picture of its internal development processes.

Twitter needs to experiment, that is evident and it needs to test, it needs to try new things in order to maximise usage, while the broader ‘creator economy’ shift also forces its hand in attracting and maintaining creative talent.

The problem is, most of these additions are solutions looking for faults, they are additional pieces in the Twitter puzzle which look like they should be there, but ultimately don’t fit. Time to do some sole searching.