Vimeo Create is being integrated into Facebook as it is looking to help more businesses to get into video marketing with the integration of Vimeo’s video creation platform into Facebook Business Suite.

Facebook have explained that:

“When it comes to making videos, we know small businesses might see it as expensive, time-consuming and complicated. But with Vimeo Create, now integrated into Facebook Business Suite, businesses can easily build high-impact video ads, regardless of budget or experience, to reach new customers, engage audiences and make any brand stand out.” Vimeo Create is currently integrated within both Pinterest and TikTok as well so Facebook have seen it fit that they join the fray.

In addition, Facebook has also provided some quick pointers for creating more effective video content, most of which should be fairly obvious:

Capture attention within the first few seconds – With users scrolling by quickly, you need to grab attention, and the first seconds of your clip are critical in this. Facebook also notes that custom thumbnails can play a key role here.

Repurpose your creative assets – Vimeo Create enables you to change the ratio of your video, so you can convert assets into 9:16 for Instagram Stories, or 1:1 for Facebook ads, while you can also edit, trim, and plug in different product shots. This can be particularly beneficial for creative split testing, as you can easily chop and change elements in the app

Test and optimize – Which leads to the final point – “You can use Facebook Business Suite to monitor performance of your video ads to easily see which video is performing best”. Integrating the two elements then streamlines this process, and facilitates more capacity for trialing different creative elements.

It’s a smart addition Facebook have added, with Vimeo Create providing many helpful editing and testing options, making it easier for more businesses to move into video content.