With more people considering their future amid the uncertainty of the pandemic, and significant workforce alterations caused by various closures and operational changes, LinkedIn’s Learning platform has seen increased demand, providing a direct avenue to professional skills development, along with available job listings on the platform.

Way back in March, LinkedIn added a new ‘Skills Path’ option for on-platform job listings, which essentially enables employers to add additional tests to help more candidates display their suitability for a given role, while it also has its Skill Assessments, providing another way for people to demonstrate professional competency.

With the direct linkages between its educational platform and open roles, it’s of no surprise to see more people turning to LinkedIn Learning to up their skills, and this week, LinkedIn has added another element in order to better cater to remote workers, as well as providing more support its online courses. Last week, LinkedIn launched the ability for LinkedIn Learning instructors to host live events on the platform, with a feature that it’s calling ‘Office Hours’.

LinkedIn explained the new feature as:

“With Office Hours, learners are able to stay on top of industry trends and interact with experts and fellow learners in real-time by posting questions, comments and reactions.”

LinkedIn further notes that the option will provide more capacity for instructors to play a role in the creator economy, by using the platform to grow their audience in a relevant professional context.

“We’re excited to already hear from our instructors that this feature allows them to connect with learners in an authentic and personal way that drives deeper engagement and wider distribution.”

The addition of live video capacity within LinkedIn Learning aligns with the broader online video shift, with people increasingly open and receptive to video content and connection. By having the capacity to connect in real-time also, as LinkedIn notes, gives instructors more potential to grow their professional brands, while it could also help to replace at least some of the professional networking opportunities that have been lost due to the pandemic.

So if you are looking for a new career or wanting to bolster your current one it is well worthwhile checking out what LinkedIn can offer.