In an interesting turn of events the Facebook team have started the initial testing of its latest project, a video speed dating app called Sparked. The app will enable users to hold 4-minute video chats with potential matches in order to better decide on their suitability before moving forward.

Unlike fan favourites such as Tinder, Hinge etc the app aims to ‘skip the swiping’, removing one of the more cut throat elements of modern dating in a bit to provide more specific matches based on your documented traits. The user then has the option to hold short video chats with potential matches, followed by a longer video chat to assess suitability, before taking things further if all goes well.

Sparked highlights its key features as being “no public profiles, no swiping, no DMs” within a dating app that’s free to use, again looking to distance itself from Tinder and the like. Facebook has confirmed that the app is currently in a small beta test at present but there are no plans for a bigger roll-out at the moment.

Dating is an intriguing element for Facebook to explore, especially considering all the data that it has on people’s interests, habits, hobbies, etc. It’s not clear how connected Sparked would be to your regular Facebook presence, but with that depth of information, Facebook could in theory provide you with more suitable matches than any other app, which could, if that’s how it works, make Sparked a helpful, valuable tool for those looking for relationships.

Sparked is also looking to put increased emphasis on kindness within the dating process, with user answers questions vetted by Facebook’s team before approval. If the beta test goes well it could be the difference that singles have been looking for and for obvious reasons the use of dating apps over the pandemic has increased dramatically. However have Facebook missed the boat?