Back in August we were asked by MQA to capture the Jazz Re:Fest festival from the Mill Studios in Wimbledon. We had conducted a live Jazz concert from the very same venue back in March just before the nationwide lockdown so inevitably this the event in August was to be more challenging but no less fun.

With the plethora of equipment and crew we have we were able to bring our OB van and conduct the directing and streaming from our own self contained area so that the crew numbers on the floor were at an absolute minimum. We were able to cover the two stages with 11 cameras, including a jimmy jib, seamlessly moving from stage to stage with very little turnaround time.

We were also asked post event to clip some of the footage post live stream due to image rights with a couple of the artists which we were able to turn around fairly instantaneously so the client could upload it to their YouTube page.

Our crew and equipment really come into their own element with events such as this and it goes to show that outside broadcasts are no longer a thing of the past as they can be conducted in an extremely safe and controlled environment in this most challenging of times.

As restrictions over the forthcoming months are due to relax please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for all your broadcasting needs.