It is the most wonderful time of the year, the Guinness 6 Nations starts this weekend and here at Karma we could not be happier. With this in mind we were instructed to conduct the press launch of the Guinness 6 Nations. Now under normal circumstances there would be a host of journalists in each room with the captains & coaches conducting the interviews themselves, however this year was to prove slightly different.

We were initially instructed by our client, Verve, to travel to the six participating nations but as we all know England was plunged into a third lockdown straight after Christmas so it was up to us to find crews in all but one of the nations (England Karma provided) who we entrusted to make the launch go as smoothly as possible. Now here at Karma we are fortunate enough to have many contacts over the years of covering fashion shows in Italy & France as well as various sporting events over the UK & Ireland so in a very small window we found crews in the remaining five nations.

Prior to the live transmission we filmed VTs which were played into the stream including the Head of Beer for Diageo and to the Six Nations Rugby CEO. The entire event was hosted by rugby referee legend Nigel Owens from our very own studio in Windsor where a set was built which included the trophies, copious amount of astroturf as well as a plethora of the iconic Guinness branding, that was the easy bit.

On transmission day we streamed to Hopin 12 different sets of interviews simultaneously as the captains and coaches had to be in separate rooms due to social distancing, we even sent a fly away kit to Eddie Jones who was self isolating. The crews had to be impeccable in setting up the equipment before the teams representatives entered the room as they could not compromise the bio secure bubble that the teams were in. The feeds from each room where then sent back to our MCR in Windsor where the team monitored the incoming footage and troubleshooted any issues that came up.

Despite the odd fire alarm the event was a huge success and it would not have been possible without the fantastic crews on the ground as well as our client Verve who were impeccable with organising everything with the respective rugby unions. I think it is fair to say that this was the most challenging event from a logistical standpoint we have ever undertaken.

The Guinness 6 Nations begins this weekend, so sit back open a can of Guinness and enjoy, we certainly will!