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News for all creators who are looking to use YouTube’s new Shorts video option, the every popular video platform have outlined how the TikTok inspired ‘Shorts’ video feed is to work and how it can impact your channel.

For the moment the Shorts are only available to users in India at least in the full functionality, including the Shorts camera option but all users are able to upload Shorts clips. These clips can be a maximum of 60 seconds in length and must include #Shorts within the title or description. The new feature is a great way of boosting ones reach on the platform and you can do this by getting the videos into the dedicated Shorts feed, which is now available for most users within the YouTube app.

YouTube have kindly provided some specific insights which outlines how Shorts views are measured as well as what creators need to be aware of within the new process. YouTube comments that Shorts views are included within ones regular view count data:

“They are counted the same say for Shorts as for regular videos, so they also contribute to your channel-level view count and don’t get filtered out in any way.”

With regards to how the views will affect the other stats, YouTube mentions that people could see shifts in their data, relative to how active they are with their Shorts clips, but this should not effect any performance issues.

“If you do have a lot of Shorts, your average view duration could go down because, of course, the videos are shorter. This shouldn’t hurt your channel performance in any way, it’s just, kind of, an attribute of the video. Same thing for click through rate – because most people will swipe to your video rather than click on it based on a thumbnail, that metric might also change, but again, it shouldn’t really impact your performance.”

One key aspect to mention with Shorts is that due to the nature of the content the views are not monetised like regular content.

Nevertheless YouTube is in the process of expanding the feature to more regions around the globe and it could be a very apt way for creators and brands across the platform to increase their following.