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Another industry post and another update from fan favourite TikTok who in a bid to increase engagement on the ever popular app have launched an new Q&A option. The idea behind this is that users are able to ask questions to creators that can then be answered in future video clips, if they so choose.

In a statement from TikTok “The Q&A; feature in video and LIVE is in testing, and we’re aiming to roll it out to more users with Creator Accounts in the coming weeks. While in testing, this will only be available to creators with public Creator Accounts that have upwards of 10k followers and have opted in/turned on the feature in their settings, as well as some safe-listed creators from our Creative Learning Fund program. All viewers will be able to submit questions.”

The way that it works is that selected creators ie those who have a following over 10K have the ability to switch on the new Q&A function. The option enables users to put forward questions via the creators’ profile. The creators can then use the query as a prompt for new content, providing it’s a suitable one of course. Also as well as this other profile visitors can also view the list of queries asked of a creator and can conduct a vote in the form of a like for which queries they also want to be addressed.

Now although TikTok users have been able to query creators whilst a live stream is taking place, the new feature allows fans to leave their respective queries as they think of them, as opposed to having to think of something on the spot.

Increasing fan connection will have considerable benefits for TikTok. Firstly it keeps users and creators engaged, returning to the app more often. Not only this but it could also help creators solidify their followers which in tern has implications for future influencer marketing partnerships. It’s a win win.