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Twitter are in the process of expanding its audio facilities in a bid to ingratiate themselves in the world of podcasts and they have done so by purchasing the podcast listening app Breaker.

Twitter are very much placing their faith into audio connection and it launched it’s initial wave of testing for its new, Clubhouse-style audio ‘Spaces’ feature back in December. Well on top of this Twitter earlier this week announced that it’s acquired podcast app Breaker, which it will use to expand Spaces and enhance the overall experience.

On the face of things this venture makes a lot of sense, apart from being a podcast app, Breaker provides a host of social interactions such as comments, likes on episodes, as well as a feed of updates on podcast engagement amongst connections. This will benefit Twitter as some of the issues with Twitter’s content is that it’s not always easy to find. For example there could be a plethora of engaging and entertaining live-streams happening on Twitter at any given time, but there’s no real central listing which clearly shows where you can find them, it is either a case of being in the right place at the right time or you are following a certain profile.

Now not much information has been disclosed as to how it will integrate its new acquisition at this stage, but Leah Culver who is the co-founder of Breaker, has said that the team will now begin work on Twitter Spaces and the Breaker app as a whole will come to an end on the 17th January.

All that remains to be seen is whether audio rooms are going to become a key trend across social media, but if Twitter can make Spaces work then it could be a integral engagement opportunity for its members within the main app.