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TikTok has been named the most downloaded app for 2020 and this has come as a big surprise to absolutely no one. The app which one can argue is still in its infancy when you compare it to the likes of Facebook & Twitter has been an absolute revelation and taken the social media world by storm.

What is even more impressive is that it has outgunned the likes Zoom, which as we all know and love or for some loathe, has been a stable for Monday morning meetings and meetings for the rest of the week for that matter as a result of the majority of the workforce being at home thanks to COVID 19. It actually has jumped 219 spots since this time last year. However despite the gravity defying leap Zoom does not even make the medals as its ranking is number four, which may come as a bit of a shock to most, the silver and bronze medals go to Facebook & WhatsApp, a nice little Christmas present for Mr Zuckerberg there.

So what has made TikTok the all conquering app this year? Well for starters it has been a huge jump in consumer spending in comparison to last year and has significant potential for eCommerce practices, something we have mentioned in previous posts. The big selling point and why TikTok is working to integrate more eCommerce tools and that it would also be able to provide a means for creators to make money from their clips, everyone is a winner.

Not wanting to put a damper of the success of TikTok but it still has a mighty long way to go before it threatens the Facebook social empire. Nevertheless for an app that is not event 5 years old to be the most downloaded is an excellent achievement and with their upcoming plans there is no doubt that it will go from strength to strength.