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TikTok is looking at the possibility of expanding its video length to three minutes, a whopping change from the current 60 second limit. This is quite a digression from the platforms initial 15 second video shorts which distinguished itself from its competitors.

The initial 15 seconds was extended by TikTok back in 2019 where users were then able to string four 15 second clips together, for all you non mathematicians out there that equates to a minute. If this change is to come into effect then it will drastically change how users interact with the platform. By tripling the run time it would of course allow for a significant increase in information which could be great for expanded promos, tutorials etc. However as mentioned earlier TikTok’s rise in prominence was due to its novelty minute limit and there are some concerns that it would become too similar to its competitors, this is of course why the testing phase will take place.

One can argue that this proposed change is similar to that of Twitters a few years ago when it expanded its length of Tweets (essentially doubling it) and there were concerns then to as it would take away the succinctness which made the platform so popular. As we all know this has not have any negative impacts on the platform therefore change is not always a bad thing.

Will this work for TikTok? Well there is no way of knowing but losing a USP is never a good thing, however they are stronger than ever before and the test will reveal how loyal their user base really is.