COVID-19 Content Creation
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Socially Distanced Remote Production - Filming - Live Event Coverage

Karma were asked to provide two types of shooting solutions for a prime time BBC One show during deepest lockdown.

The brief was to provide 4K, log shot, shallow depth of field and down the line interviews in celebrity’s homes, the way we achieved this was:

1. Shot by an operator in full PPE and adhering to social distancing, the camera output was fed into an online portal so the producer and series producer could see the pictures and audio in real-time.

2. A celebrity operated camera kit that was sanitised and and handed over to the talent with an operator talking them through the set up remotely.

With the production company Mighty, we came up with the best way to achieve this with right choice of cameras and tech to make it work. The results speak for themselves.

The BBC now use it as a benchmark of how to shoot a talking heads documentary during lockdown.

We love challenge, many thanks to Mighty and Adam Kay.