COVID-19 Content Creation
We are still open and as innovators are offering creative solutions to keep your message or event online; either Live, As Live or as Packaged Video content. We’ve got you covered, so if you need any help or advice, remember our advice is free and we can help.
Socially Distanced Remote Production - Filming - Live Event Coverage

During COVID-19 Virgin Galactic asked us to conduct weekly Q&As with members from all over Virgin’s spaceflight world patched in via webcam from the US.

There are weekly topics which the experts discuss such as what it is like from being in space and how to build a space craft. We capture their contributors via their webcams and also add in pictures / VTs when necessary.

All remote production, respecting social distancing and streamed to YouTube. Enabling Virgin Galactic to promote the brand, keeping investors and partners happy.

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