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WhatsApp Reaches Another Milestone –

It seems there is no end to milestones for the Facebook family as WhatsApp announced that it now has 2 billion active users last week.  Whilst Messenger continues to dominate the North American markets, WhatsApp continues to gain traction in developing markets. 

WhatsApp released the following statement in reaction to the milestone being reached, “We’re excited to share that, as of today, WhatsApp supports more than two billion users around the world. Mothers and fathers can reach their loved ones no matter where they are. Brothers and sisters can share moments that matter. Coworkers can collaborate, and businesses can grow by easily connecting with their customers. Private conversations that once were only possible face-to-face can now take place across great distances through instant chats and video calling. There are so many significant and special moments that take place over WhatsApp and we are humbled and honoured to reach this milestone.”

WhatsApp had reached the previous record of 1.5 billion users back in 2018 so it has taken another 18 months or so to reach this momentous milestone and Facebook has no intentions of slowing down as it is already looking at the next stages of how it can be implemented into business use. This expansion however will not be an easy ride as Facebook had backed out of producing ads in WhatsApp threads which would have been a prominent monetisation opportunity for the app. However it appears that the crosshairs are being focused on shopping as  eCommerce providers and tools have been bought up in a bit to tap into WhatsApp to interact with potential consumers. 

This new milestone shows just how the Facebook family dominates the social media world, across the apps there are 2.26 billion people interacting with a Facebook owned app every single day, that equates to 30% of the global population. What is even more outstanding is that 40% of the worlds populace do not have access to the internet, it just shows you how much influence Facebook has on everyones daily lives and it would be foolish to think this will not increase in the years to come. 

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