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LinkedIn Seeing Record Levels Of Engagement –

Microsoft have reported that LinkedIn has seen record levels of engagement since the back end of last year as it continues to expand its audience across the globe. The new figures have been released from Microsoft’s FY20 Q2 report which the company unveiled this week, with the report stating that LinkedIn has now reached the milestone of 675 million members. Back in November the platform reported that it had reached 660 million members so an additional 15 million have joined over the last three months. 

Now it must be said that whilst these new milestones are extremely encouraging for the professional network it still as a long way to go to catch up with the big boys however as it is unlike any other social platform these figures are not to be sniffed at particularly as it is a platform people can interact in a professional capacity rather than expressing your thoughts on the latest episode of Love Island.

Microsoft released a statement on the new figures “LinkedIn continues to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce – every seven seconds someone is hired on LinkedIn. We saw record levels of member engagement again this quarter. Marketing Solutions remains our fastest growing business as marketers leverage enhanced tools and LinkedIn Pages to connect with our nearly 675 million members”. Now it must be said that total members is not the same as active users but with the platform releasing regular updates such as a live streaming capacity the growth is something that Microsoft can be very encouraged about. 

LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft back in 2016 and as a result we lost access to LinkedIn’s individual performance reports as it is now incorporated into Microsofts larger report, so whilst we no longer have a more specific insight into usage levels, member statistics etc, the indicators show that LinkedIn’s performance is rising which is perhaps something you should consider when creating any content for your business. 

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