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Rise In Non-Gaming Live Streams On Twitch –

Twitch is the go to platform when wanting to view anything and everything about gaming, whether you are there to watch a fellow gamer play Red Dead Redemption 2 or the various shows that take part around computer games. Well whilst this is still very much the case it appears that Twitch is now becoming the go to platform when it comes to non-gaming live streams as well.

This is a bit of a landmark moment, if the shift carries on it’s upward trend then platforms such as Twitch will become ever more popular which will garner more interest from marketers who previously had not considered Twitch as a platform to target. Wired had noticed that in December “Twitch viewers watched 81 million hours of “Just Chatting,” Twitch’s category for streamers who do exactly that, plus any number of other grab-bag activities. That was a solid 7 million hours more than the first game listed, League of Legends, and 23 million more than the second, Fortnite.” This is quote moment as to usurp Fortnite is quite and achievement and I am sure that the powers that be are licking their lips at the prospect of Twitch becoming a live streaming hub not just for gaming.

This rise of live streaming on Twitch of course has larger implications for the web in general, Twitch will no longer be pigeon holed as a platform solely for gaming but could well become a more general live streaming platform for influencers to consider. Twitch users watched 660 billion minutes of content in 2019 which was 100 billion up from the year before and with Twitch looking like it is a platform not just for gaming you would assume this figure will go up over the course of this year. 

It seems that the shift on platforms such as Twitch will boost the popularity of live streaming in general (which is music to our ears) and whilst it still has a long way to go in comparison to YouTube & Facebook for social content the rise is remarkable. Twitch will also have to monitor the likes of YouTube for gaming aspects as they are making a big push to increase gaming live streams on their platform, just last week YouTube signed three gaming stars to help boost their presence within the gaming community.

It will be curious to see over the course of this year how Twitch develops and whilst one can argue that is still not quite the right platform for brands just yet as things are evolving it could well be a platform to target to increase your digital standing. 

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