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Twitter Releasing Option To Hide Replies –

It has been a while coming and after months of testing Twitter has announced that it will be introducing globally it’s new ‘Hide Replies’ option, essentially this means that you will now have the ability to remove any tweet replies to better control engagement and remove any abusive tweets.  Twitter has longed been plagued by keyboard warriors who spout abuse or try and shift the tone of discussion and this new option has been rolled out to quell this.

The option was initially tested amount Canadian Twitter users and off the back of the tests which began back in June they found out the following:
  • People mostly hide replies they think are irrelevant, off-topic, or annoying.
  • The option is a new way to shut out noise; 85% of the people who hide replies are not using block or mute.
  • People were curious to see how public figures like those in politics and journalism would use this update. So far, they aren’t hiding replies very often.
  • In Canada, 27% of people who had their Tweets hidden said they would reconsider how they interact with others in the future. Also, they thought it was a helpful way to manage what they saw, similar to muted keywords.

From the above we can see that since the option was released there has been a difference in how its members interact on the platform. You can also argue that the update is another tool that Twitter is using to clean up their act, particularly as well being and members safety is of paramount importance at the moment.

This update could just be the tip of an iceberg as Twitter has grander plans to give its members more control over their channel, there are plans next year for letting members choose only specific people who can reply to your tweet, which essentially would mean that you can target your tweets for a specific audience rather than to every Tom, Dick & Harry.

We shall have to wait and see if the new option is a hit globally, you can argue that as people can more freely tweet without expecting a torrent of abuse the whole world can see makes it more palatable to engage on the platform. However there is also the consideration that it would make the platform more complex and harder to understand particularly for users in developing countries. In any case the update is here to stay and albeit these are baby steps for the moment, Twitter is committed to clean up and improve the overall experience of its platform.

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