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TikTok Leading App Downloads – 

Are you on TikTok? Well perhaps you should be as according to Sensor Tower the app was the most downloaded on both iOS and Android in September and you wonder why Instagram are trying to copy aspects from TikTok. In terms of the top 5, TikTok is at the summit with Facebook, Instagram, Likee and Snapchat bringing up the rear, not bad for an app that is a little over 2 years old. 

Over the course of September the app was downloaded 60 million times and it appears to be quite the hit in India as 44% of the downloads came from the Land of Mystery and a mere 8% from the US. The app as grown exponentially in India which for TikTok is quite a feather in their cap as it is a huge market to target with a population of 1.4 billion so needless to say there is opportunity to fuel ongoing growth.

Whilst the facts above make the future look rosey for TikTok there are still some cause for concern. The statistics that have been release by Sensor Tower show overall downloads not active users and this has been a bit of an issue for the platform. Even though the download numbers are a sight for sore eyes it is widely reported that once the app is downloaded it has been quickly deleted and considering TikTok have not provided an update on user count tends to suggest this is still a thorn in their side. In July last year the app mentioned that it has 500 million users globally however this figure included members of Douyin which is there version of TikTok which operates within China. Douyin mentioned a year ago that they had 400 million active users in China alone which means TikTok has 100 million other users globally, hardly groundbreaking stuff.

The long and the short of it is that whilst you cannot deny the app has appeal as it has beaten the likes of Facebook and Instagram when it comes to downloads, which is quite an achievement in itself, the fact that they are very tight lipped about users suggests that there is still work to be done to convert the downloads to active members. From a marketing and business stand point, despite the concerns, TikTok has a huge amount of appeal to the younger demographic so if that is the market you are looking to target it is definitely worth casting an eye over.

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