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LinkedIn Updating Group Categories –

Once upon a time LinkedIn groups was a bustling, active space where many discussions took place and seeds were planted for businesses and individuals to work together, however marketers put their head above the parapet and eventually ruined them. The bane of everyones lives, spammers, caught on that they could get notifications to your LinkedIn updates or even worse your inbox, they were able to do this through group posts and contacts. It got to the point where these groups were bombarded with rubbish and became redundant.

LinkedIn every so often brings out a new update which suggests that it will make groups a bigger focus and assist in cleaning up the junk which plagued the groups, having said this none of these updates has really made the impact required. If LinkedIn can get all their ducks in a row and get things right then groups can and should be hugely beneficial, whilst there is light at the end of the tunnel there is still a way to go.

With all things considered the recent group update is a touch underwhelming, this week the platform is sending out an update to all group admins which informs them of an upcoming change to how LinkedIn labels groups. These group types will be ‘listed’ and ‘unlisted’ instead of the current ‘standard’ and ‘unlisted’. The difference between the two is that if a group is ‘listed’ then it can be found in search and will be visible on members profiles, ‘unlisted’ groups will not be found in search or be visible on members profiles. There is also an update regarding permission for inviting members, the members who have first degree contacts will be able to invite them to the specific group, if this is disabled then only admins will have the privilege to invite individuals to the group.

The recent update is by no means ground breaking but an update is an update after all. As we mentioned above LinkedIn groups have massive potential but they have not changed drastically enough for members to come back to them. It is not all doom and gloom though as there are some very engaged groups and there is most certainly some existing potential, hopefully these small updates are the baby steps needed for the next evolution of the group option.

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