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Periscope To Remove Compatibity For GoPro & 360 Cameras –  

In the words of Nelly Furtado ‘all good things come to end it’ and so it seems is the case with Periscope as they have taken the decision to remove the compatibility for 360 & GoPro cameras. At one point Periscope was the daddy when it came to live streaming, letting people share their lives with everyone across the globe at any time, well times a changin’ and in the words of Periscope ‘In order to ensure we are providing a quality experience for all of our broadcasters and viewers we have made the difficult decision to eliminate support for 360 and GoPro cameras via our mobile apps’.

Now you have to ask the rationale behind the decision to cease the comparability for these cameras, well it was felt that the content was not there, whilst the idea of giving people the equivalent of their own live TV station seems interesting, unlike us here at Karma, the reality is that most people are actually not that good at live streaming. Naturally when the content is poor then users switch off, at one point Periscope saw ‘over 40 years of video watched per day’ all very promising but this statistic was back from 2015 and the fact that there have not been any usage stats for nearly half a decade suggests that the figures make sorry viewing.

The other issue that you have is that you can live stream directly through Twitter itself and arguably Facebook and YouTube are better streaming options as a whole. The loss of the 360 function itself is not likely to be a huge loss but it begs the question, what is Periscope’s role now within Twitter, has it turned into the ugly duckling? Usage numbers tell the true tale and only Twitter have that information to hand at the moment but one thing is for certain you will not be able to broadcast with a 360 or GoPro any more and that’s the bottom line because Twitter said so!

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