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Snapchat Expanding Ad Length Limit – 

Snapchat are starting to get all their ducks in a row with regards to business processes and building a more sustainable and profitable company which baring in mind they have been coming under constant bombardment from the likes of Instagram is very much a positive for Snap. The platform will now be able to show that is a viable tool for driving consumer action and with this in mind Snapchat has revealed a new range of advertisement and content updates.

Advertisements will now be able to run to up to three minutes in length which of course is significantly longer than the 10 second limit which had been at the core for the platform, the new advertisements will be made skippable but will also enable brand messaging for those who engage the relative audience for a longer period. In the past advertisers have only been able to prompt viewers to watch for longer by ‘swiping up’ so albeit longer advertisements have always been feasible they have not been hosted directly on Snap’s platform so therefore they have not been upfront, infringing viewing behaviour.

Snap have also revealed that there will be a new range of original shows and much like Facebook Watch they are hoping to bolster their audience appeal by creating their own media hub. This includes new documentary series such as the rise and epic fall of hip hop artist Tekashi 6ix9ine, this is in addition to popular Snap Originals such as season four of The Dead Girls Detective Agency’. The fact that these shows attract millions of views it makes perfect sense for Snap to add longer advertisement options.

You cannot argue that these additions from Snap are much needed, as we mentioned above, Snap has gone through a bit of a tough time but now the platform is expanding its business offerings it helps sets it up for future growth.

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