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They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, in social media any time you see a new feature or trend you can bet your bottom dollar that other platforms will seek to replicate it, well Instagram is once again copying one of their competitors features this time with TikTok in the crosshairs. 

Instagram are introducing ‘Clips’ which just like TikTok allows its users to record sections of videos into a singular video Story and just like TikTok users can overlay music and also alter the speed and timer of each of these ‘Clips’. Instagram have previous when it comes to copying its competitors you only have to look at Snapchat’s stories, introducing IGTV as a competitor to YouTube, the list goes on. You cannot really blame them, it has to keep 2.7 billion users happy (across the Facebook family) and adding a similar function in order to bat off competition seems the best way of doing it.


Albeit the likes of IGTV have not been too successful copying TikTok seems to be a sensible strategy. TikTok has been rising consistently over the last year and now boasts more than 500 million active users, a drop in the ocean compared to the Facebook family but enough to ruffle the feathers of Mr Zuckerberg. What TikTok have issues with is the apps capacity to retain these new members as recent figures have suggested that a vast majority jump ship within 30 days of downloading the app. This is where Instagram mops up the competition, it has over a billion users and is available pretty much globally unlike other applications, by releasing carbon copy features they can tighten the noose by maximising usage on their platforms which members are already familiar with.


What the Facebook family are trying to focus on is stopping users from downloading these apps so imitating their features and keeping them engaged on apps they use daily is a key battle which for the most part they are already winning. It may be seen as below the belt and a touch unfair blatantly copying your competition but it evidently works, something you cannot argue with. 


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