Karma are looking forward to the transmission of “Our Generation” during the #Quadrophenia weekend of 21st September on @SkyArts.

It is a brilliant documentary which would never have been made without Executive Producer Debby Lee, Director Ed Coleman & Producer Michael Martin’s total dedication and passion and the craft of documentary making.  Working with Mark Wingett, the consultant producer, who played ‘Dave’ the second male lead in the movie. 
They all truly went over and above in making this film, as well as being the Film’s Director, Ed Coleman’s outstanding multiple talents were used extensively as his own Big Noise facility ended up cutting and finessing the film. 
Debby Lee brought unprecedented access to the cast and critically The Who’s trust to work with her, and by providing the band’s personal archive of the behind the scenes from the film set, without which, the film literally could not have been made. Her close working relationship of working with the channel controller Phil Edgar Jones and Barbara Lee @SkyArts commissioner and NBCU won this commission.
Mickey’s dedication to the film making shines on the screen, as well as bringing in the legend that is Sting for a rare interview. 
Another special thank you to the award-winning brilliant and expert team at Sky post too and our star writer and Mod officiando Eddie Piller.
A display of true film making passion from this team, their enormous dedication, an incredible work ethic, and commitment, driven by expert documentary makers, who are all true fans of #Quadrophenia, resulting in an authentic storytelling documentary – a true testament to them all in making such a fantastic film.  
We wish Debby, Ed, and Mickey much success with their Arts and Music films and their current slate of projects in production for several major networks.
Make sure you tune in !

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