Facebook Hiding Likes –

A month or so ago we mentioned that Instagram was trailing the removal of likes in certain countries, well its parent company is now considering doing the same in a bid to ‘protect users from envy and dissuade them from self censorship’. We are yet to see the ramifications of the Instagram trail which is taking place in the likes of Canada and Brazil but if there has been significant damage to advertisement revenue or usage then they may rethink rolling out the update worldwide.

Facebook is still the king when it comes to social media platforms but it is fast becoming the place where life events such as a new job or engagements are posted while the likes of Instagram and Snapchat have taken over when considering sharing ones day to day activities. The issue that Facebook face here is that there are of course fewer of these milestones in users day to day lives while on Instagram you are more likely to post a picture of a meal which has gone cold on a frequent basis. 

The proposed expansion of removing likes would be a huge step for Facebook, it is after all the largest social media platform in the world with 2.4 billion active users and whilst users on Instagram have voiced their concerns regarding the removal of likes, there is little doubt that Facebook will hear the same rhetoric significantly more if it is extended to the main app. You can also argue as well that the demographic on Facebook is considerably different to that of Instagram and Snapchat as whilst there are an awful lot of young users on the platform and it has also become a popular place for less tech savvy members of the older generation who inevitably will be less thrilled with change. 

On Instagram the changes have been implemented as well being is such a paramount subject in todays society and whilst it looks on the face of it that Facebook are trying to set a new trend  by making that their number one goal for their users, if the revenue or usage drops as a result it would be foolish to think that likes will not return shortly afterwards. Watch this space.

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