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Facebook working on a TV connected streaming & video call device –

As I am sure you are all aware video consumption is on the rise, particularly on mobile devices whether it be your tablet or your phone which is the size of your tablet. Well despite this increase, for the moment at least, TV still remains the daddy when it comes to longer form video viewing, you are far more likely to binge watch Chernobyl on your TV than your mobile to get the authentic experience. Whilst I am sure this will change in the not too distant future there is still a way to go to knock TV off its perch.

Netflix reported last year 70% of its streams ended up being on TVs and YouTube the king of short video content states that connected TVs are its fastest growing segment. Despite we have more opportunity than ever to tune in, whether it be mobile or tablet, TVs still rule the roost and when you consider that most front rooms have their wing backed chairs and sofas set up around the largest of our screens we own then it makes sense that it is the most viewed. When you consider all of this then it is no surprise Facebook have caught a whiff and want a piece of the pie.

Reports have suggested that Facebook has approached Disney, Netflix and other companies regarding porting their streaming services to a new, TV connected Facebook device. If Facebook can provide a TV device which facilitates instant links to a range of digital video providers then it could be a big winner for them. It is not the first time however they have sought to connect directly through TV sets. In 2016 Facebook filed a patent for a device which can link your TV directly with the owners Facebook account, with notifications appearing on ones TV screen, convenient yes, potentially incredibly embarrassing, most defiantly.

Nevertheless with threatening to flirt with TV in 2016 and the recent statistics mentioned above then there is little surprise that Facebook are once again looking to connect with your TV. The big question is whether it will be worth it and how can Facebook gain the trust of its members with embedding themselves in another aspect of peoples lives despite the constant ongoing privacy issues. I predict that in the not too distant future your bathtub will be connected to Facebook in some capacity.

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