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Usage and Revenue on the rise –

Despite the recent fine of a cool $5 billion Facebook has posted recent figures which show that Q2 has been somewhat a success and have received $16 billion in revenue, not only this but there has been another increase in active users. It seems no matter what is thrown at Facebook they are batting it away and the juggernaut is forever moving forward.

First things first let’s look at the rise in active users on the platform. It seems that Facebook is cornering the Asia Pacific region as that is is once again where the most significant audience growth has come from. In total there are 2.4 billion monthly active users on Facebook, that equates to nearly a third of all people on Earth logging into Facebook once a month which is incredible really considering it’s part in negative social and political headlines. The rise in active users is in part due to a major growth in India, since 2015 Facebook’s Indian audience has doubled to 300 million. On a slightly separate note if you account for the other two platforms that Facebook own, WhatsApp & Instagram, then there is an estimated 2.1 billion users every single day, toppling Facebook is about as likely as toppling the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Looking back at the rise in Facebook’s revenue they are generating more money than ever despite the security concerns that have plagued the company over the last 18 months or so. Most of the revenue that the platform receives is still from North America and Europe but as we have mentioned earlier they are seeing increased growth in the Asia Pacific region. This is only likely to expand even further as Facebook is launching its Libra cryptocurrency which is designed to maximise appeal in the Indian market, it does not take Einstein to work out that targeting a country of nearly 1.4 billion is probably a good idea.

Things are clearly on the up and it would take someone with incredible vision to see where Facebook might come a cropper or slow down. They are not only maintaining their dominance across social media despite controversies but expanding, in the words of Tina Turner “big wheel keep on turnin”.

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