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Twitter Updates Search Results To Add More Info –

You may have noticed a bit of a change in your search results on Twitter recently and that is because Twitter has released a new update which provides more information when you are looking up something. The additional information which has been provided includes relating trends to the specific subject as well as any mutual contacts that follow the specific page.

The idea behind this is that by showing more relevant information on the related search will help you find exactly what you are looking for and give you a better idea if the particular profile is worth following based on who you follow as well as who follows you. If you were to choose to search a certain celebrity then in the search results it would come up with the people who follow that chosen celebrity but who also follow you.

There has also been algorithm tweaks which are aimed to show its members more content from users they do not follow but who might be worth a follow. This update has been in place for a week or so has been implemented to highlight relevant trends as well as increase real time discussion, something you would argue has never been a problem for Twitter, as it has always been the platform to share your views at a moments notice for better or worse.

The most recent update is not a major shift by any means as it is focusing on users particular interests regarding individual profiles but the increase in information available is a better way of informing individuals about their usage. With a particularly full schedule coming up over the next few months you can bet that more ground breaking updates will be introduced, not just on Twitter but across social media as a whole.

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