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Social media round up –

YouTube particularly over the last year or so has faced on going criticism over how it has facilitated extreme movements and communities, well it seems the time has come for YouTube to be proactive and is testing a new feature where all the comments are hidden unless you click the comments section on the video.

Now for most of us the comments section is a source of amusement watching people the other side of the world entering keyboard wars against one another and whilst this hilarity is still there the comments section has also mutated into a source of concern. The idea of this new update is that now its users have to actively click on the comments section rather than just scroll down which YouTube is hoping will reduce the issues with spam, abuse and the spread of questionable content.

This is not the first time that YouTube has tried to reduce the power of the comments section and has moved it further down from the actual content since its initial conception however the more recent reports of radicalised individuals connecting as a result of the comments has spurred on YouTube to be more active which is why back in March it has deactivated all comments on videos featuring minors.

Over the last year or so Facebook has been in the limelight for similar issues and has tried to clean up its act but now YouTube is under fire for good reason as well. It has almost two billion users which of course gives these questionable individuals a huge audience to target. We will have to see if hiding the comments will help YouTube make any headway in reducing the amount of abuse and extremism or will we be writing an article in a years time with all comments on YouTube being disabled?

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