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Social media round up –

Over the last week or so LinkedIn have introduced more updates on the forever expanding professional network, following on from the reactions and live streaming updates, LinkedIn have come up with a couple of smaller but no less significant updates such as photo tagging & video messaging.

LinkedIn have enabled all of its members to utilise a new photo tagging option, whilst this has been available for most members since April the platform has now officially introduced the feature to all of its users. The process is pretty much what you would expect and similar to Facebook’s tagging option. When it recognises someone in a photo, or you want to tag a co-worker, you are now free to do so.

We would expect that LinkedIn being a professional network, the calibre of photos being uploaded will be somewhat more sophisticated than that of Facebook. Hopefully members will be less paranoid once they have received a notification that they have been tagged.

Another update that LinkedIn has introduced is video messaging.          It may not seem a huge update on the face of things but baring in mind 80% of the internet traffic by 2020 will be video, this is a sensible move from the platform. Members now have the option to record video clips within messages and with LinkedIn having mentioning that its users are 20 times more likely to share a video on the platform than another type of content, the new update will prove very popular.

Finally another new feature that has been added is that of topic Listings. Users now have the ability to find all the groups they are members of as well as the hashtags they follow. The idea behind this is that it will help its members better manage the news updates they receive on their homepage instead of endlessly trawling through to find relevant content.

So there we have it, after a slow start LinkedIn are coming on leaps and bounds with their updates and as long as they continue to do so then the amount of members on the platform will continue its upward trend.

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