Instagram has decided to re-vamp IGTV to help themselves to better align with the increase in consumer trends. Instagram itself has been on the rise for a while now but IGTV, which as we know is the long form video on the platform, has been a bit like the dodo and never really taken off. 

The feature which was launched the better part of a year ago still remains a secondary element in the app despite some big names endorsing the new feature when it was first implemented. This has resulted in IGTV having a bit of a makeover and is now more along the lines of Snapchat and TikTok, which are becoming more and more popular with their short video format. The new changes have shown that there is now a singular feed of specific content that plays through one by one and has also added larger video tiles which the user is able to scroll through vertically. 
Instagram has taken the popular aspects of Snapchat and TikTok and tried to implement them on IGTV. The new central feed is effective on TikTok as the videos a short in duration making it simple to watch and binge on the videos or alternatively skip through them. As we know IGTV videos are longer and it remains to be seen whether the rolling view is the correct experience for the app. 
These changes also have put a significant amount of pressure on Instagram’s algorithm as you are entrusting the app to show relevant content to the specific individual, if it ends up misfiring then the new updates could make IGTV stay the way of the dodo, extinct. 
Instagram has said that there are other was to make IGTV bigger and better but with consumers wanting short and sharp video content it feels like IGTV will play Robin to Stories Batman for the foreseeable future.
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