Social media round up –

April was a big month across social media platforms particularly for Facebook & Instagram however they were not the only platforms which introduced new updates with some intriguing changes across other networks, without further delay lets have a look at what happened last month.

First things first let’s recap the changes that Facebook have implemented in April. In the last post we mentioned that Messenger had seen a plethora of changes well it was not the only aspects of Facebook that changed, one of the key announcements of F8 was the complete redesign of Facebook’s feed for the mobile app and desktop versions. During his speech at the conference Mr Zuckerberg emphasised the desire for privacy, turning the platform from a ‘social media town square’ to a ‘social media living room’ baring in mind the controversies of last year this is a sensible move from the head of Facebook. The new design focuses on groups compared to public pages, the long of the short of it is that the News Feed will be much less important and may be made redundant altogether.

Sticking with the Facebook family, Instagram has introduced some changes and is trying out some new options on the platform. In Canada for example Instagram is trying out the removal of how many people liked your posts, instead you will only be able to see who liked the post. This however only relates to posts by people you follow on your timeline, you can still see the count for your own posts. Instagram has also taken the necessary steps to stop bullying on the platform. They will be testing of a new nudge feature which warns users if they are about to comment something abusive, along with the nudge there will also be an ‘Away’ mode introduced which allows users to take a break from the app when needed. Finally Instagram are testing a ‘Manage Interactions’ feature will let members customise the way certain other members interact with their profile.

Moving away Facebook and Instagram last month saw LinkedIn introduce new ways to react with posts in a bid to boost engagements. LinkedIn believes that with the new symbols it will make the platform more fun to use as a whole but also helps the user gain a better understanding of how their posts are perceived by others. These reactions which hit North America in April will be available on a global scale in the next few moths on both the mobile app as well as the desktop version.

Finally, Twitter have introduced a limit to how many people one can follow in a single day. Previously you could follow 1000 people in any one day, now I am not sure anyone in their right mind would want to follow that many people in 24 hours but in any case Twitter have reduced the number to 400. Although many feel this is still too many they have reduced the number by over half to fight spammers who use manipulative tactics to gain more followers.

Above is just a few of the updates from the various social platforms that have been rolled out last month, expect there to be more in May and over the course of the year so stay tuned to be kept updated.

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