We see team working as an art here at Karma. Our team, a collection of creatives that focus in a range of different roles, depend on each other to keep our business thriving. Brimmed to the top of professionals from artistic to mathematical backgrounds, we have learnt, to a fine art, the importance of collaborative work and the benefits it has when creating a product.

So why is teamwork so important at Karma, and in this industry as a whole? Well, there are more than several stages to completing even the smallest task. Let’s take a short movie for example. For this we have camera crews, a production crew, editors, directors, and others that all need to work together to bring the clients initial idea to a tangible product.

Team working ensures each finished piece is done to the highest of standards and, as each project has so many different components, this can only be done through communication and professionalism. So, as you can tell, we’ve really nailed the ability to work as a team here, and that’s due to all our staff understanding the clients as well as each other. Karma is a space in which people work tirelessly to create something that’s never been seen before, whether that be a 360° virtual reality experience or a manifestation of a client’s thoughts brought to life.

We understand that every individual within the business matters, they are not just the backbone of the company, they are the company. As cliché as the saying is, each member of the team is a cog in a well-oiled machine and making sure that those cogs keep on (happily) turning is vital to us as it ensures projects are done to the highest standard.

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